Thursday, June 14, 2012

The first raspberries of summer

The raspberry bushes out back have been slowly turning redder each day. Every evening when I get home from work I go check on them- I don't want to miss those precious first few ripes raspberries!

Yesterday evening, I found the first ripes berries! I "harvested" them- two to be exact! I ate one, and brought one in to my husband, who loves those raspberries and will probably make like a bear and just go out there and start muching soon. :)

Speaking of berries, I'm still hoping to catch the end of the strawberry season this weekend, and pick at least a few quarts for canning and freezing. If not, I'll just have to buy some from the Farmers' Market and process in a really small batch.

Do you grow any fruit in your backyard or garden plot?

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