Thursday, September 3, 2009

running on empty

Well we are all moved into our new place! I suprisingly remembered to take a few before and after photos, so I could remember what the house looked like before we improved it/made it worse :)

So far, since August 19th, we have done these improvements:

  • Cleaned the whole house
  • Painted Sara's room
  • Painted our bedroom
  • Painted the living room
  • Cleared and re-planted the front garden beds
  • Cleared out the back garden area
  • Trimmed the front trees
  • Trimmed the apple and maple trees in the back
  • Cleaned out the gutters on the roof, and used the compost for the front gardens
  • Ripped up linoleum in the kitchen and mudroom
  • Tiled the kitchen and mudroom
  • Got TV and internet installed

Next up for the month of September are:

  • Paint the office
  • Paint the dining room
  • Paint the kitchen
  • Paint the mudroom
  • Set up the office
  • Buy a new water heater
  • Set up composter
  • Sand down dining room table and re-finish
  • Set up dining room

That's not too bad.. right???

There are two kitties that can't WAIT to run around in the basement and the kitchen! Every time I open the dining room doors (where the "construction" is happening) the babes try to squeeze through like crazycats!

I'm finding out that homeownership is a full time job.

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  1. haha I'm surprised there's no nasty comment after "tv and internet installed" -- that makes it sound like it was an absolutely easy process....