Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Moon Cup- for all your "feminine product" needs

*warning* If you do not like to hear about women's bodily functions, you should probably skip along to my next post :) Also, you should probably get more comfortable with your body- but hey, it's up to you!

I was talking with a friend (Jen) yesterday over dinner when the subject of "feminine products" came up. I hate even calling tampons and pads and stuff "feminine products", because who feels feminine when they wear them? No One. Anyway, I was mentioning how I ran out of tampons and pads for the girls, because I don't use them. Jen looked a me like a was a little strange for a second, and hey, I am!, and asked

What do I use for my period if I don't use tampons or pads?

SO I introduced her to the Moon Cup (or the Keeper, same diff), and I thought I would feature it on my blog as well. The Moon Cup is basically a cup that you insert into your vag, and it collects the blood etc. that is expelled during your period. You take it out and empty it periodically, just like you would switch a tampon, or change a pad.

Here's a picture of it!

*I was not going to post anything on my blog about the Moon Cup, because some of my readers are people I actually know, but that's silly! There's no reason for me to be embarrassed about my body, and I think this info could be helpful to folks looking for a more comfortable, less environmentally-harmful period solution.*

There are many benefits that I have experienced so far while using the moon cup for the last year:
  • No last minute tampon-buying sprees- I always have my Moon Cup
  • No wasted paper products- Moon Cup is made of silicone, it's reusable and lasts up to 10 years
  • No wasted money- In the long run, it's much more inexpensive- the Moon Cup is $34.00 and a box of tampons is $7, but over 10 years, you would spend nearly $800 on tampons, where as you would only spend $34 on the Moon Cup.
  • No post-period aches and discomfort- My vag always feels dry and sore after using tampons for a week. the Moon Cup catches what it needs to, but does not absorb the natural moisture in your vag so you won't feel uncomfortable after you use it during your period
  • No ridiculous marketing shit- I always hated shopping for tampons. So many pink, fluffy choices that are all supposed to be designed for "women's comfort".
Yes, tampons are very comfortable, compared to pads which are like a small diaper. Pads are comfortable, compared to a rag or one of those strap-on maxi things they used in the 50's and 60's. But why should we settle for a "feminine product" that is not designed by women, or for women's comfort and ease of use?

There are two potential downsides I have noticed while using the Moon Cup:
  • You have to actually reach inside your vag a little bit to insert and/or remove the Moon Cup. But it's your body, and if you don't wanna touch it, who else is going to want to? :)
  • You have to plan ahead a bit more when using the Moon Cup. If you're in a public restroom and you need to clean/empty your Moon Cup, you have to either take a bit of wet paper towel in there with you, or wipe it clean with some toilet paper. You can't just throw it in the toilet and flush it down like a tampon.
I would argue though, as someone that enjoys being environmentally conscious, that I can spare a few extra moments of preparation in order to not use a dump truck full of tampons during my lifetime. Also, we're such a culture of :

use it,
   throw it out,
      dump it,
         Just buy a new one!

The Moon Cup allows me as a woman to make a very conscious choice to reuse instead of dispose. By not spending $840 on 'feminine products" over the next 10 years, I am choosing to spend my money on the health, comfort, and safety of my vag, and frankly, on other things besides crappy products marketed to freshen and clean my crotch.

Also- It's made in America! The company is based in Cincinnati- go Ohio! :)

If you're interested in reading more or purchasing the Moon Cup or the Keeper, check out their website:

There's a basic FAQ page about the Moon Cup that will probably answer some questions that came up while you were reading my post.

Also, post a comment if you have questions about using the Moon Cup- I'm glad to answer! :) Thanks for letting me share.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I know I haven't posted in a while- I've been a slight bit distracted with trying to help my two favorite ladies study for finals and get their grades up! I am happy to report that although several classes have to be re-taken, grades are up, and summer school is sign-up for!

On a garden-related note, look:

Our first strawberries!!! :) :) :)