Monday, October 12, 2009

Pipe dreams (or nightmares)

I had an exciting weekend as far as home improvement projects go this weekend!


  • I accidentally uncovered a huge pipe that I mistakenly dug out of the ground..

  • Planted 3 blueberry bushes
  • Planted 5 raspberry plants

  • Put some decaying leaves in the compost bin to add some "brown"


  • Painted another coat of red in the basement

So projects are coming along nicely! If anyone is looking to get local(ish) plants and you live in the lower penninsylua, Hartmann's Plant Company is local! I don't know if they're very into organic practices (at all) but they are at least plants grown in Michigan. Sometimes you have to pick and choose! Here is their website:

I found out that they sell Wild Ginger plants which is WAY exciting because that's what I want to use as ground cover in the Pit of Despair! I've been looking for it, but I couldn't find anything that was grown in Michigan!

Woo! :)

Making progress...

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