Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Plant Labels out of Used Canning Lids

Since I am lucky enough to be featured on a local urban garden tour on Saturday, I have been spiffing things upon around the gardens here. Weed-pulling, plant staking- all those fun garden chores that seem to slip past me for weeks at a time! 

One of the projects I tackled today that I'd be meaning to get to for a while is plant labels! I looked at buying plastic or wooden labels, those awesome pinterest spoons, event popsicle sticks, but the idea of purchasing something new to label plants for 3 months just seems a bit wasteful. 

My mom was in town and we were brainstorming creative ways to re-use materials and also create plant labels are functional: Big enough to read, Eye-catching but not an eye-sore, and Tall enough so people don't have to squat down to see them! I'm pretty satisfied with what I ended up with, so I'll share the glory with you!

DIY- Canning Lid Plant Labels

Supplies needed:

Used (already canned-with) Wide Mouth jar lids 
2 pkgs. Floral Cloth Wire 
Duct Tape 
Permanent Marker

Seed Packets for reference 
the internet, to look up latin names if necessary

Directions: (This is real easy, friends!)
  • Sort through your seed packets and set out any that you planted in the garden this year on your table, essentially making a list.
  • Flip all the lids white-side up and make sure they are clean and blemish free
  • On the white-side of each lid write the plant type in large letters straight across the middle of the lid in permanent market
  • Write the variety across the top of the lid, in smaller-sized writing. I chose to add quotation marks too.
  • Write the latin name of the plant across the bottom of the lid, again in a smaller size
  • Once you are finished with the entire pile of lids, get out your floral wire
  • Bend each wire in half, leaving a sort of upside-down "U" shape at the top
  • Flip all your lids over, careful to set them down so the text is aligned and straight
  • Tape a bent floral wire piece to the back of each lid, and press the tape down around the wire so it's secure
Now label up those mystery plants!


  1. Those are inspired, Arika!! Love 'em. I bought spoons from Polliwog Farm. But they are definitely hard to read compared to yours.

  2. Any problems with tape staying on when they are getting wet?