Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sharing my skills

On November 13th I will be leaping into the fun, crazy world of micro-enterprising, with a booth at Art in the Park, an Indie Art event in my neighborhood! My friend Jen and I are sharing a booth, and are hoping to share our homemade goods with the community and get a positive response. What might I be selling at this Art Fair, you ask?

I will be selling some of my canned goods, including Cran-apple sauce, Baked apples, and maybe some canned peaches as well. I also enjoy knitting and I'm a pretty solid hat knitter, so I'll be bringing some hats and scarves with me! My friend Jen will be selling her beautiful photo prints, as well as some paintings she did.

Since neither of us have done this kind of thing before, we're kind of diving in and hoping for the best. I'm not expecting to make any kind of living or decent amount of money off of knitted scarves and canned fruits, but I enjoy doing these things anyway, and sharing my skills and things I make with others. Preparing for the event has been a helpful lesson in coordinator of media exposure: I made a new email address specifically for my crafty side, now dubbed Happy Home. I re-vamped my blog title and banner (as you can see above) so it reflects the title of my small, small businesss. I also ordered some business cards for Happy Home off of http://www.vistaprint.com/ which has some great deals if you're willing to use a template. I made a facebook page for my new business. That way, if people like the items I have to offer, they can check me out on facebook, email me, be directed to my blog, etc. all from my business card. I also made a website specific to Happy Home, where folks can buy stuff online if they'd like, and linked it to my blog.


This is a small venture, but I'm looking forward to it! It feels good to know that I am capable of making functional, beautiful things with my own hands- things that people might want to have!


  1. We are going to rock it! :) Thanks for the photo snaps ;)

  2. If I was closer I would totally come support! Best of luck to you both!!