Sunday, March 28, 2010

Backyard progress aka thank you to my parents for their yard skillz :)

This week we had a big project: build our raised-beds and a new compost bin with the epic amount of cinder blocks I have, as well as tending to some of the yard, etc! There were two willing guest helpers: my mom and my dad! They love to be outside and doing projects, which is a lucky quality for us :) We spent all yesterday grooming, pruning, painting, lifting, placing concrete blocks, shoveling, and sweating! 

Here's some action shots!

 Mike laying down the landscape fabric to go under our beds:

Mom adding some leaves to the bottom of the beds:


Finished beds (minus compost/soil that is coming tomorrow).
It's kind of an "S" shape, like the beds over at  Grow and Resist:

Another view:

New compost bin!:

Hot damn! :) Tomorrow is soil delivery! Getting projects done feels so good! More project updates to come

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  1. awesome!! I love the s-shape. I can't wait to see things growing in your garden. =)