Monday, March 22, 2010

They're here!!!

Well, my crazy robot-neck is slowly turning human again.. thank you Ibuprofen 800 Mgs!

Yesterday, after much anticipation, my cinder blocks finally were delivered- 225 of them! (that's 3 pallets if you're a constructiony person). Thank god there were two 20-year-old boys to unload the blocks- it would have taken me 10 hours, no kidding!

Most of them are now resting in my driveway (see above), but Sara and I did place a few to see what kind of bed configuration we would actually be having. I think they look pretty good!

Here's some pictures of the bed:

Also, my mom took this mosaic tile class, and she made us this awesome address plaque for our front porch:

Neat, huh?!

I need to check out all the blog posts I missed while I was in Columbus for the weekend!!
Two Frog Home, IBKC, Adventures in Urban Homesteading, Mark Maynard, & Little City Gardens here I come! :)

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