Monday, October 25, 2010

The Put Up Lowdown for 2010

Went through and tallied all of the canned goods I have put up during 2010. I have a total for ya'll, although this is a tally of everything I have left, not everything I canned in 2010 all together.

Here goes!

3 pints Pickles
6 quarts Tomato Sauce
17 pints Peaches
7 pints Pears
1 pint, 1 half-pint, 3 4oz jars Cranberry Sauce
4 pints, 6 half-pints, 5 4oz jars Applesauce
12 pints, 3 half-pint jars Baked Apple preserves
5 pints Blueberry jam

3 pints, 11 half-pints Corn
3 quarts, 1 pint Turkey Chili
2 quarts frozen Tomato Sauce
3 containers dried apples
16 frozen Raspberry Muffins

30 red thumb potatoes
25 onions

Woohooo!!! I'm very proud of my self. I'll be eating seasonal, local fruit for at least part of the Winter. My goal is to avoid buying fruit if at all possible (although the girls love it and so do I) until it is in season. I will probably cheat because grapes and bananas are pretty standard in our house. But I'm going to dehydrate a lot of banana chips, and I hope I can also do more apples slices, etc.

What else is good to dehydrate? I tried making fruit leathers and they were very leathery as they stuck to the plastic tray they were created on. They tasted very good but they did not come off. How do I prevent fruit leathers from sticking to the tray from whence they came? :) A teeny bit of cooking spray? Would that be gross?

I still have some cayenne and jalepeno peppers growing in the garden, along with the lettuce, basil, and a few lonely tomatoes. I planted garlic several weeks ago and it is shooting up already. Our weather has been so warm lately!

Also, happy to report that I transplated some of our outdoor basil plants inside under the grow lights, and it is doing pretty well- growing back, albeit slowly. Fresh basil in the winter! :)

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