Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Home Garden Plan 2011!

Trying to be consistent and timely in when I start my seedlings indoors, but its tough! Since it's my first year starting seeds indoors, I am going by several planting guides, but it still feels like guess work. I guess some of it is.. who knows what Mother Nature & the weather will do? So far I've started indoors: several Vidalia onions, 15 Copra onions, 10 heads of Great Lakes lettuce, 5 Batvia leaf lettuce plants. My goal is to stagger the starts by several weeks, so I have several different harvests of lettuce, onions, etc. I have carrots seeds all ready to be planted outdoors, and planted a few experimental ones early outside this weekend to see how they do.

I also placed a seed potato order, from High Mowing Seeds, but they're all back-ordered until April 15th. I probably should have just bought some organic potatoes and let them go, but I'm impatient and the idea of ordering was somehow more appealing. I hope the potatoes are shipping on the 15th, and not like... completely unavailable until the 15th and then who knows when they'll ship? I could always get a refund. I ordered 2.5 lbs of Yukon Golds, 2.5 lbs of Red Norlands, and 2.5 lbs of Russian Banana Fingerlings.

Also, two new "crops" for this year- Light Red Kidney bush beans and Sweet REBA Acorn squash! I've begun to look for and buy local beans in bulk, because they're way cheaper, and I like that I have them when I need them. It would be so great to grow beans, let them dry, and be able to save some for the winter! I'm not a super-fan of squash, but I figured I need to grow some kind of squash. They're late season veggies, so they'll extend my "seasonality", and they store well.

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