Friday, March 18, 2011

It is that time again already?

I went out and worked in the garden yesterday- it was gorgeous outside! While this picture may not properly demonstrate it, I got a lot of weeding done!

I also got to visually lay out what I want where, when it comes to planting time! Here's a rough, rough look. The browned out spaces are little chunks I plan to expand this year, for an extra 28 sq. ft of space.
I'm pretty thrilled about my increased capacity to start seeds indoors this year! I finished hanging up all the florescent fixtures that I have, for a total capacity of 8 trays of seeds at a time. Those 4 lights on the shelves are mine! I also am borrowing the awesome seed starting contraption pictured below, from Growing Hope, my employer, to start seeds for them! It's very fulfilling to check out the little guys in the morning before work and see them growing bigger every day!

Here's some lettuce and onion babes that I have going for myself. They're doing well and they seem to be liking the greenhouse effect that the plastic lid over their tray provides:

Tomatoes for Growing Hope, almost ready to be planted in our passive solar Hoop House!

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