Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reduce the Waste Challenge check in

It's Day 5 of our Reduce the Waste challenge week here at Happy Home, and it is going super well!
We only have about 1/4 of our smaller 20 qt trash can filled, and about 3/4s of our recycling bin! Most of the trash we've generated this week (as you can see) is plastic packaging.

20 qt trash can
35 qt recycling bin
My thoughts on the challenge so far:
  • Being so conscious about our trash his has been a nice visual reminder to buy things in bulk, and has helped us think twice about buying things that are wrapped in plastic.
  • I have been better at remembering to bring containers with me to the co-op for bulk purchasing
  • When you think about what kind of resources needed to be used to make all this plastic packing- for chips, for cookies, for breads, making a loaf of bread at home doesn't sound like such a time-consuming task anymore!
If you've been trying to reduce your waste, what techinques have worked best?
What lessons or thoughts have been provoked because of it?

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