Monday, February 6, 2012

Tackling those lingering home projects

I'm a busy person by nature- I liked to keep occupied. My weekends are usually filled with a combination of reading about projects, dreaming about projects, failed attempts at projects, and successful attempts at projects, in frequency of that order. This weekend, however, was a ACTION weekend: many long-dreamed projects were finished!

handmade spice rack! Turned out so well.
Project #1 Spice Rack
There are two tutorial posts on making this if you're interested, so I'll keep it brief, but at our house we probably have close to 100 spice jars. They needed a more permanent home, and with help from my dad, my roommate, and my husband, an amazingly awesome spice rack was achieved! It will not fly off the wall, it is secure, and it looks pretty damn sweet.

I was so high on the feeling of accomplishment that I made a second, smaller spice rack for above the stove- haha!
so awesome, right?
Project #2-Under-cabinet trash can
We don't produce a lot of trash around here. As a house of 3 people, we only produce about 1-1.5 trash bags per week, which is pretty good. We also do a fair amount of recycling & re-purposing. The current method we use for recycling is piling it up on the kitchen counter by the sink, which is cluttery and drives me crazy! I decided to install a pull-out cabinet shelves, with a trash can attached! I got it from Home Depot, where I would rather not shop, but I'm not a frequent customer there. Sometimes you cave when ya don't want to..

I'm a big fan of it so far, and I'm thinking about using this as our trashcan (it's 20 qts), and using our 35 qt current trash can as an indoor recycling bin. We'll try it for a week and see how it goes- having a smaller can for actual trash might help us reduce our consumption even more. Ideally, we'd be consuming less, and would be producing a lot less trash overall. Recycling is a good first step, but re-purposing and reusing is really better.

less junky Junk Drawer

Project #3- Junk Drawer organizing
My kitchen cabinet drawers always get really junked up, and it becomes so packed that I can't even open the drawer. In the middle of this project frenzy, I spyed some empty berry containers, and decided to re-purpose them.

I stacked them up against each, and added another basket. Then I took every thing out of drawer, sorted it, and then put things back into the smaller baskets. Things are organized by function now, and it feels good! No more jammed up drawer.


Project #4- Seed Starting!
Today, I started my first seeds of the 2012 growing season!! To be more specific, my roommate and I started them together; Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Cilantro, Sage, Cumin, and Spearmint. Also started some Copra and Valenica onions, as well as Speckles lettuce.

I plan to keep the herbs indoors for a while to use in the kitchen and suppliment my current flock, and eventually the onions and lettuce will be transplated outdoors to my garden.

We're in the home strech, my friends- only 15 weeks until Southeastern Michian's Frost Free date- May 16th!

What home projects have you been eyeing recently?

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