Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make your window into a Greenhouse!

 Last year, I discovered by accident that the plastic that you tape around your windows to seal them up actually creates sort of a mini-greenhouse effect between the plastic and the window! I decided to put some of my plants in that space, and they enjoy the warmth there. It also allowed me to save some money on the electricity I would have had to use to put all these plants under lights.

Last week I decided to put up some of the window plastic, and put some of the dinky tomatoes out there. I think it's helping them to perk up a little bit- hopefully they'll start to grow!

I don't currently have a greenhouse or any hoops over my beds, or even a coldframe outside to transition warm season plants. I think those are all projects for the future, but right now, this will do!

What kind of season extension do you utilize at your house? 

How are your plants growing so far?


  1. I use the accumulated clamshell containers from grape tomatoes and blueberries to plant in. Already have drainage holes and a built in little greenhouse lid. Once the seedlings sprout, I cut off the lids. My friends save these for me, and I save them myself all winter. I'm all about planting on the cheap! For seedling mix, I use my own compost plus a brick of coir fiber that I get from Downtown Home & Garden -- usually makes the perfect amount in a 50/50 ratio. I'm posting some pix on facebook.

    With your cinderblock edges, I would think it'd be super simple & cheap to create some hoops over your beds with PVC or copper pipe and some plastic!

  2. Lisele- that's a great idea about the clamshells- I love it!

    Yes hoops are totally in the plan for Fall :)