Monday, December 21, 2009

Nights filled with longer hours- hey!

I spent this weekend putting up the new curtains we got (although all the curtains came in and only 1 curtain rod came in, so that was a bummer). I think they look pretty snazzy, and they're thermal or something, whatever it is called they have panels on the back that keep out the cold/in the heat. Got them for the whole house, since they were on clearance and I thought it would be silly to buy 6 curtains or something and then what if they went out of stock when I went to buy the rest?

So that was thrilling. I did put up all the hardware by myself, with a power drill and everything. Hey- ladies with power tools! Mike was busy and I was impatient so I just put them up myself. Luckily they were level and everything- I am notoriously bad at measuring and leveling. It's not that I don't have the skills, it's just that I don't do it ever because I am impatient always.

I also decorated our fireplace mantle for the winter solstice celebration that we'll be having tomorrow! Yesterday we went out and got some mistletoe, holly, juniper, and an ivy plant. We chose a log to be the yule log, and we'll be having a special tradition sun cake from Dom Bakery (which is not really where one might traditionally get it from but who said we follow tradition?). I think it will be a nice way to celebrate the season, in a way that is inclusive to all of us! Details and pictures will follow tomorrow!

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