Sunday, December 6, 2009

SAF '09!

Ypsilanti does a cool Indie art fair twice a year called Shadow Art Fair. The most recent one was yesterday, and I really enjoyed it! It has a bunch of weird alternative art things, from a bike-powered film (which was an image of a winter ride through town) to reindeer poop on a stick, there is a greater variety every year of weird things to look at and buy. The event is held at the Corner Brewery, and this year the "brewing rooms" for lack of a better term, were set up with a bunch of old counch and chairs and tables, etc so people could hang out, drink beer, etc. I enjoyed the event very much, although next year I'll need to go earlier because we went around 9:00 and it was packed to the gills, which makes it hard to actually see any art!

After the SAF we tried to go the Tap Room, but it was super-packed so we ended up at Keystone Underground martini bar- which turned out to be pretty awesome!  It' under J 'Neils Mongolian BBQ, and I had checked out the space before it opened but I'd never been before. It had a really great atmosphere, the music was electronica which is not my absolute fav but I liked the DJs, and the martinis are only $5 on Saturdays! There were some very exhuberant dancers there, which was pretty entertaining. Overall, a great time. I will definitely go back again.

It's really exciting to live in a place where there are a variety of things to do, all within walking distance, which is the case in Ypsilanti. Yesterday reminded me of that. We walked from our house to downtown, got some holiday shopping done, had lunch, picked up some groceries, and then walked back home. Then we came out later for the art fair and for Keystone and that was all in like a 2 mile radius. Maybe even less!

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