Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garden plan part 2 (of many) :)

So here's the new and improved plan :) My mom looked it over and was laughing for about 5 minutes straight because I wanted to plant 48 tomato plants, 1 per quare foot. Hey, you can never fault me for lack of ambition! Here's a revised, more acurate plan:


  1. WOW, ambitious, Arika. My only advice would be MUCH more basil, and less lettuce. I usually have about 6-10 basil plants for the two of us -- not only for pesto, but in salads and to dry for the winter. Last year, I have about a dozen lettuce plants (Slo-Bolt, best variety I have ever grown in 35 years) at the community garden and another half-dozen at home. This was a LOT of lettuce for just two. Also, that's a WHOLE lot of zucchini for two people... are you planning to freeze a lot? I have the greatest Companion Planting chart, if you're ever interested. I think I'm gonna post it at the Community Garden. Thanks, it was really fun looking at this!

  2. Lisele-

    Good call on the basil- I'll definitely add more of that! There's actually three of us at the house (us two and a roomate) so I think that lettuce might not overwhelm us too much? I do plan to freeze some zucchini as well- I'd like to freeze a lot of the produce I'm growing so I can eat "seasonally".

    Also thinking about giving some of the extra to Food Gatherers, or maybe selling it at the Farmers Market- still figuring out the requirements on that though.

    I am definitely interested in the Companion Planting chart- I'd be grateful if you shared it with me :)