Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shine Shine Shine!!

Today as I walked outside this morning to hop into my car for the morning commute, I got a distinct whiff of Spring. I don't know how to explain it- it just smelled of Spring! I'm very aware of the date on the calendar today, folks, but I've been feeling all day as if it is a chilly March 25th, not a nice February 18th, and that is a great feeling! I actually took off my coat in the car today because it was getting so warm!

Tonight's Master Gardener class is going to be on Vegetable Culture, and I am about as psyched about it as one could be about vegetables! I'm new to gardening, so a lot of the MG class has been very helpful knowledge that I haven't been able to put into practice yet- but I do have experience growing vegetables (although only a small amount) and I do have a big interest in growing vegetables! This is perfect timing since I just ordered my edible plants for the year- hopefully I will get some more insight on where to plant, how to plant, how to maintain, etc.

It's so sunny outside- wooo!!!

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