Monday, May 3, 2010

Operation Move-in = Success!

(disclaimer- indirectly related to urban homesteading) :)

The girls moved in this weekend, and I may jut be speaking for myself, but I think we had a great time! I picked them up on Friday night and we picked up groceries together, selecting things we would all eat for the next several days/week. We made a couple of meals together, we played Taboo and Mad Gab and Cranium, we watched some movies... really, truly had a lot of fun. Sounds silly, but I'm always pleasantly surprised by how nice and friendly and warm Sam and Chels can be- when I was a teenager I was an ass to my parents. But then again, we're not their parents, so maybe that's some incentive?

Today was a big milestone- Sam had two Geometry worksheets, or subject-of-death worksheets as I like to call them. I HATED Geometry when I was in high school! So first, Sam actually told me she had homework which was a positive step haha, and then we actually completed all of it!! That's a big step for someone who has a tough time with math. And Geometry is so tricky- if you don't learn from the beginning, it's soo tought to build on those concepts. Sam got really frustrated at the beginning, and needed to take a break. But she came back to it after a nap with a lot of patience, and finished all two worksheets, showed her work and everything. She was receptive, she listened, and I think she even learned a little bit lol.

Anyway, just wanted to share that. My heart is ridiculous and it is bursting with sister/sudo-parental joy!

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