Monday, May 3, 2010

Pest protection

So back to a homesteading topic- Pests!

Something is ripping up my strawberry plants. The actual plants themselves- there aren't even any berries or any beginnings of any fruit to eat! I found 5 plants just pulled out of the ground, and some of the stems were ripped off- but none of the plant actually seemed to be eaten.
Any guesses on what this might be? I'm thinking about getting netting but I'd like to have more than just a stab in the dark about what this is.

But look!:



  1. I'm thinking squirrels - just because they like to do that sort of thing. We had some nasturtiums and other plants in pots on our front porch and I think I had to replant those things a dozen times. The squirrels dug them out I guess expecting to find seeds or something edible in the dirt. Nothing there of course - but in the process digging up every plant. I can't think of another pest that would just dig things up without eating them. Stupid squirrels.

    Yay for your blueberries! We just put some bushes in ourselves. I'm not sure when we'll get blueberries. Hard to say if we'll get any this year. Yours look pretty good!

  2. Could be rabbits, chipmunks or raccoons basically, any forest animal. They're all known to dig up plants and such.