Friday, January 21, 2011

Seed Inventorying

Since I am planning for the spring, I decided to devote some time to actually looking and seeing what seeds I have in my possession. I saved some seeds last year (peppers and watermelon) and I was sent some by a good friend (crazy Asian melons that might or might not grow in Michigan).

Another reason for me to step back and look at what I'll be planting and what seed selection I have is because I'm going to a Seed Swap program tomorrow at our local grange- so excited!

So here's my inventory. I think all I really need to purchase are some potato tubers. Maybe I'll find some different onion varieties at the Swap tomorrow!:

Basil, Sweet Green-1 pkt
Basil, blend-1 pkt
Carrots, Parisian-2 pkts
Carrots, Scarlet nantes- 2 pkts
Dill, Dukat-1 pkt
Lettuce, Crisphead, Great Lakes-1 pkt
Lettuce, Batvia Laura- 1 pkt
Melons, Watermelon, Moon & Stars-1 pkt
Melons, Watermelon-1 pkt
Melons, Ivory Gaya- a million seeds
Melons, Korean- a million seeds
Onion, Valencia-1 pkt
Peppers- Jalepeno 2 pkts
Peppers, Red bell- 1 pkt
Peppers, Green bell-1 pkt
Pumpkin, Jack-o-lite-1 pkt
Squash, Zucchini, Jackpot-1 pkt
Squash, Zucchini, Clarimore, Golden Dawn, Raven- 1 pkt
Tomatoes, Sugar Plum- 1 pkt
Tomatoes, Matt's Wild Cherry-1 pkt
Tomatoes, Ropreco Paste-1 pkt
Tomatoes, Canestrino de Lucca- 1 pkt

Coral Bells-1 pkt
Snapdragons-3 pkts
Lupins-1 pkt
Zinnias, White Profusion-1 pkt
Zinnias-1 pkt
Foxglove, Purple-1 pkt
Aster, Powderpuff-3 pkts
Statice, Watercolor Pastels-1 pkt
Columbine, mixed-1 pkt
Cosmos, Sensation-1 pkt
Sunflower, Red Sun-1 pkt
Sunflower, Evening Sun Mix-1 pkt
Blue Bonnet, Alamo Fire-1 pkt
Blanket Flower-1 pkt
Echinacea purpurea-1 pkt
Echinacea purpurea, White Swan-1 pkt
Marigolds- 6 pkts

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