Sunday, May 1, 2011

First planting day of 2011!

and what a day it was! Although clouds threatened overhead all day and there was some rain, I managed to get outside on Thursday and get my potatoes planted, finally! I've been so nervous to plant things because the weather here in lovely MI has been cold, rainy, and cold. and rainy. I don't want to shock all the little guys I spent so long tending to indoors by putting them outside too early!

Things that are growing well:
Tomato cultivars are growing well- they are about 5-6 in tall now and I'm going to pot them up today so they have more space to grow!

Lettuces are finally growing bigger- they seemed off to a slow start but are now seeming healthy

Things that are not doing so well:
Onion starts from seed seem to be hard for me to do. Most of my onions are alive but they seem to be really short. It's possible that I'm killing them with light- they're taller than most other of my plant so sometimes the lights might be too close to them?

I'm off to the Washtenaw Community College Earth Fair today- will be representing for work and looking forward to interacting with other earth-passionate folks!

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