Monday, March 5, 2012

Product Review: To-Go Ware Food Carriers & Bamboo Utensil Sets

Let's start by being honest with each other- I suck at bringing my lunch to work. How could someone suck at that? Let me tell you: I rarely remember to bring my lunch to work.

When I do, it is usually in a series of bpa-laden tupperware that I don't feel safe microwaving. Or I bring it in a mason jar, and forget to bring the jar home forever. My co-workers can attest to that.

But all that is changing, due in part to To-Go Ware, a great asset for having food on the go while conserving resources. To-Go Ware (founded in Ann Arbor!) produces a line of food carriers of different sizes, and bamboo utensil sets for carting your food around- to work, on trips, etc. I recently purchased the Snack Stack ($19.00) and the RePEat Utensil Set ($12.95), and I am loving them.
The Snack Stack is the smallest food carrier system that To-Go Ware sells. I like it because it is light and fits in my bike panniers or a backpack easily. It's food-grade stainless steel, as are all the carriers made by To-Go Ware. The Snack Stack has 2 different containers that fasten together- to give you an idea of what size they are, the top tier holds 2 cups and the bottom tier holds 2.5 cups. The whole package is about 5" tall and 5" wide- cute, huh? It allows me to pack a variety of food, and so far the whole thing seems quite secure- no soup spilling out!

The RePEat Utentsil Set is pretty awesome as well. The utensils themselves are made with bamboo, and are easy to wash by hand or can go in the dishwasher. The utensil holder is made of recycled plastic bags- cool! The set comes with a fork, a knife, a spoon, and chopsticks- I love that it has chopsticks! My two favorite features- the utensil holder, which means there is less chance that I will loose all the utensils one by one, and the little carabiner that is on the back of the utensil holder- even harder to loose them-Yes!

As far as I can tell, To-Go Ware seems to be very into Fair Trade, and although the products are all made over-seas, they seem intentionally support businesses with strict fair labor standards and focus on high quality products. This review is just my 2 cents, and speaking of cents, I have not been paid or sponsored by To-Go Ware, I just like their products and I wanted to share. If you're looking to bring your lunch to work more often, in a healthy, earth-friendly way, OR you're looking to get take-out and avoid those styrofoam containers, check out a To-Go Ware Food Carrier!


  1. Hi Arika,

    Really love the blog! And I have been interested in those lunchboxes for a long time, so I enjoyed your post!


  2. Thanks Trebecca! :) Hope all is well in your world!