Monday, March 26, 2012

Get to it! Tackling those garden projects you've always said you'd do..

Now that's spring we're finally tackling those long-neglected yard projects that have been just waiting for the perfect weather. Like what, you may ask? Among other things, more seed starting, some minor landscaping, and protecting those newly-formed little buds from the upcoming frost!

First on the list- Seed starting! Last weekend I started more basil (globe), as well as my summer peppers (yolo and jalepeno). Over all, all the seedlings are doing great- the onions are now 8 inches tall, cilantro is growing strong, and I've set out all my lettuce, kale, and spinach in the garden. I started all my tomatoes yesterday too.

Also- Backyard landscaping! Over the weekend, my mom and grandmother came up for a visit, and no visit is complete without some kind of plant-related adventure, right? We drove over to Lucas Nursery, located in Superior Township by Canton, MI. Lucas had a ton of amazing perennial shrubs and trees, and this was a good a time as any to find the perfect shrubs to grace our back little strip of yard, that had previously been a weed wasteland until a few weeks ago.

We picked up 3 of combination Blue Prince/Princess Holly plants (shown above). They'll be placed across said wasteland (see pic on left), and will eventually fill in that area and become amazing bits of color & interest, as well as providing some privacy! They can get to be about 10 feet high and 8 feet wide- woah! I'd settled for 4' by 3'. Excited to get this area more cleaned up and more attractive-looking: it's right on the street so it'll be nice to have hardy shrubs that will be less trashy looking than weeds and randomly-strewn flowers.

Lastly- a cold front is coming in! Hurry- save the fruiting trees!! Here in S. E. Michigan, it's supposed to dip down to 25 degrees tonight- quite chilly compared to the 80 degree temps we've been having recently. Many trees have budded out early and are even beginning to flower, including our little cherry trees, our big weeping cherry out front, and the raspberry canes. I grabbed some spare sheets (and pillowcases) to drape over the more susceptible plants- I don't want to loose the potential for all of those delicious black raspberries!

I do think I'm a little bit clever- you'll see that the sheets covering the budding cherry trees have a cherry blossom print. Half coincidental, half intentional. :)

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