Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good morning!

So- I ended up getting some flowers and mulch on Friday. I always have the problem of perceiving accurately how many plants I need to fill an entire area. I always end-up buying about 5, and most of the time 5 plants is like nothing when it comes to a garden. But I was trying not to spend a ton of money, so I ended up being conservative Friday as well. I got:

2 Wild Bergamots
5 Rudbeckia
2 Foxglove Beardtounges
2 Golden Alexanders

I planted some in the back garden, and added the foxglove beardtounges and some of the rudibeckias to the front garden. Also got mulch, but got way less than I needed, of course. So will need to venture out and get some more- weeds are growing like crazy!

:) Here's who I woke up to this morning:

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