Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last planting of the year

Tomorrow I am stopping by the Recycle Ann Arbor to pick up some mulch for my garden!!
I think I'm going to get 2 yards of mulch, which is just $30 at Recycle Ann Arbor- great price! They said 2 yards is about 8 lawn bags full, which should do me for the fall at least. I'm going to cover an area that Mike cleared over the weekend, behind that crazy fence-full of waist high plants that used to fill our garden space.

Then I am stopping by the Native Plant Nursery to chat with Greg, who owns it, and to buy some plants for that back area. I am psyched to get a whole little area done(ish)!
The plants (pictured above) are some of the ones I'm going to get. New England Aster, Wild Bergamot, and Echinacea! It's shaping up to be a very purple garden from the looks of it! :)

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