Monday, October 12, 2009

No Impact Project

I just signed up for the No Impact Project, which over at the Huffington Post. I've been following Colin Beavan's blog No Impact Man for the last year or so, and when I saw that he was helping to encourage a No Impact Week I figured it would be a great opportunity to do some of the less-impactful things I've been meaning to do!

The challenge is a week long and each day focuses on a different area of Impact:

Sunday: Consumption
Monday: Trash
Tuesday: Transportation
Wednesday: Food
Thursday: Energy
Friday: Water
Saturday: Giving Back!
Sunday: Eco-Sabbath

Here's a link to the No Impact Week Guide:

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  1. Hey, I found you via facebook link! :) I'm adding you to my "blogs to read" list.... perhaps under the special subheading of "people I communicate with electronically far too much considering we are roommates..."

    -Sara :)