Friday, August 3, 2012

Mid-season Garden Observations

As we roll right into the heart of the growing season in S.E. Michigan, I'm already making lots of mental notes about the garden- what early season crops I loved, which ones didn't do that well, what I didn't plant enough of, what I ended up with an over-abundance with. I think its a good time to make notes about Spring and early Summer plantings so when I start seeds in the winter, it will be easier to recall these insights!

In no particular order, here are some garden observations:

Sugar Snap peas-
They are amazing!
Mike said they were his favorite new garden addition this year
Need to start outdoors earlier, under half-pint mason jars.
Expand a section for them

Way too much, although I love it! Could scale back a bit next year.

Started some indoors too soon: cilantro and basil
German Chamomile has been great
Adding other herbs for tea

Loved them, cannot plant too many: ran out already!
Little Finger carrots and Imperator carrots- I think the Little Fingers grew better.
Planted 8 rows of 10 for each type, next year need to plant more like 15 rows of 10.
Stagger planting dates better

Need to plant more
Find a good source for onion sets- onions from seed did all right, but were reaaaally slow.
Bunching onions did nicely- could start those from seed for early Spring.

Kidney beans dried really well
Saved them all for a large dried bean crop next year
Provider beans did not dry well- eat more of those fresh next year!

Possible potted additions for next year:

Dwarf Fig: Petite Negra
Dwarf Mulberry
Hardy Kiwi: Anna
Paw Paw Tree
Meyer Lemon Tree

What's going well in your garden? Any decisisons about what to keep or do away with for next year?


  1. Garlic is always a pleasure to grow. Put in staggered beans behind the garlic and late season kale. Cukes not nearly as good this year as last. In this hot droughty year, eggplant in a metal container was not such a good idea. Lots of fruit on the Maron winter squash, but I think I have a borer or two, so I'm trying to root the stems -- thank goodness for this tiny bit of rain; it might help. Really had a good year with succession plantings of spinach, beets & endive in a large raised bed in my driveway. AND [fingers crossed] my asparagus seems to be doing really well!!!

  2. Tell me more about starting the peas under mason jars, please.