Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's Up Wednesday!

Lots in bloom in the garden this week! All of my plantings for the Fall are really starting to grow- carrots, onions, broccoli, swiss chard, prize choy, lettuce, and sugar snaps. The tomatoes are starting to produce a bit less, so I thinned out the dried and dead stalks to try to make some space for new growth. Here are some pictures of what's up this week:

My one lone sunflower is blooming!

The fall broccoli is looking healthy and getting taller every day

I think it's about time to pick this cantaloupe!

I transplanted some of the "walkers" from the Egyptian walking onions I got this spring.
They are now popping up everywhere in the designated "fall section" of the garden
that will later be covered with a quick hoop. 

 Made and canned some cucumber pickles this past weekend!
Used the Dill Pickle recipe in the Freshly Packed Pickled Foods section of the
Blue Book of Preserving. It's a new recipe for me- we'll see how they turn out!

What's up in your Garden this week?

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