Monday, March 15, 2010

epic weekend!

I had quite a weekend this weekend! This is un-homesteading related, but sometimes, I just have to share!

Some of the fun highlights that I'll share with you are:
  • saw Shutter Island
  • Did some Mad Libs with friends
  • Drove down to Bowling Green with my grandma to meet my mom for lunch
  • Antiquing with mom, grandma, etc. and got a really pretty framed botanical print
  • Birthday lunch for Sammie @ Asia City
  • watched Children of Men (really good movie!)

  • Put up a little canning cabinet and some of my pictures from that calendar that I framed (see pic below)
  • Went to the ER and sat there for 5 hours because I have a robot-like neck that could not move all weekend
  • Took some vallium and went to bed at 5am this morning
So overall, it was a pretty productive weekend. If not productive, I would at least say action-packed. :) I can't take the vallium during the day or I will fall asleep so I am going to try to tough it out at work today and see what happens.

Here's the canning cabinet Mike and I put up:

and here's a kitten for you (Athena!):

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  1. You watched some intense movies last weekend! What did you think of Shutter Island? And what happened to your neck? Hope you feel better!