Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little City Gardens

I just stumbled upon Little City Gardens, located in San Fransico, and I think I'm in love!!

These two women, Caitlyn and Brooke, have team up to try to run a viable micro-farm that will sustainan and support two individuals.

I think this would be a wonderfully fulfilling job. Little City Gardens grows salad greens, and sells to a local restaurtant, along with operating a small CSA, and selling to some caterers. The more I continue in this homsteading adventure, the more I am wishing that I could truly devote my time to it. There is something so satisfying about planting with your own hands, and growing food to sustain yourself and other with your own resources. Maybe (probably) it's just a pipe dream, but I am going to further investigate what it might take to make a living (or supplimental income) from my own yard. Things I'd like to check out:

  • Selling produce at the Farmer's Markets (I think individual vendors are allowed and I don't think I have to have any kind of licensing, as long as I'm not selling my canning products)
  • What type of crop would grow best in my yard (will find this out by growing a variety this year, narrowing selection next year by what grows really well, maybe only specializing in one or two crops in year three)
  • How much does a license cost to sell my canning products.
    • Do I have to can in a commerical kitchen?
    • Where is a commerical kitchen I could use and how much does it cost to use?
  • What is there high demand for as far as fresh produce goes
    • Are there any products that are in demand where demand is not being met? 

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