Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

This is what's "up" today in my garden!

Since I planted some of the cold-hardy crops early, I've been able to harvest out of the garden already, which is exciting! Today for lunch I cut off a few kale leaves, pull the last of the over wintering carrots, snipped a few chives, and cut some lettuce leaves, for a really nice salad. Add some Michigan dried cranberries, some walnuts, and some homemade dressing- one filling meal!

Got to plant my potato order from Seed Savers Exchange- Yukon Golds, Mountain Rose, German Butterballs, and Rose Finn Apple fingerlings! As usual, ordered too many- will have to share with the neighbors :)

Here they are, waiting to be tucked in. Why are rows in the garden so appealing to the eye? 

I also planted two varieties of bush beans- Light Red Kidney beans from High Mowing, and Provider Bush beans from Seeds of Change. The ones in the jar are beans I saved from last years harvest- they're so pretty! I also had some left from the seed packets last year, but it was neat to plant the seed I had saved too.

Here are the light red kidney beans, ready to be covered up!

What's Up in your garden today?

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