Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

This is what's "up" in my urban garden today!

The two dwarf cherry trees are in bloom. Last year each tree produced 1 cherry each, so I'm hoping for more like 10 each this year haha! They're now 3 years old so they're starting to branch out & produce more.

Garlic is looking good- I have 37 heads of garlic growing- hopefully that will be enough to last me through June of 2013! I purchased 4 delicious varieties from my local garlic friends/farmers- if you can find locally-grown garlic near you, it is a worthy investment for eating, and planting too!

Kale, lettuce, leeks, onions, and carrots are planted at the South end of this long bed in the picture. Sugar snap peas are sprouting down at the far end by the fence. 

Just harvested out of the root cellar/garden! I've been using up the last of the carrots, and pulling the few onions that didn't get harvested last fall to use as green onions. Soon I'll have fresh new onions and carrots.

All out of garlic :( I got pretty close to getting through the whole year using only homegrown/local garlic- I think that's sort of awesome. Garlic scapes will come up in June, so there's really only a 2 month gap that I have to "outsource" my garlic. Yeah!

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